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Just a little change

I've been sitting on this one for almost 3 weeks but can't let it go any longer.I'm not given to being an alarmist - I've counseled others to trust God when they veer toward fear and alarm - but this is very disturbing to me. Chuck Colson was the first one to sound an urgent warning when I received this e-mail  (I'm on the e-mailing list because of my ... << MORE >>

A big "Oops!"

The Bible says in Matthew 12:34 (I first memorized it in the King James version) "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." The Message puts it in a little more pointed contemporary light: "It's your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words." Jesus has responded to the accusation of his adversaries and he points directly at their heart problem, which is what is "driving" what comes out of ... << MORE >>

Prayer for one who's touched a lot of lives

Please pray for Joni Eareckson Tada - she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and I understand she will be operated on tomorrow. Please pray also for her husband Ken. As one who has walked the path of supporting my wife during breast cancer treatment, I know it has the potential to bring them much closer. ... << MORE >>

Over the edge?

I'm looking for an honest answer from (1) a Biblical perspective and (2) a Constitutional perspective. This pastor is challenging the IRS by endorsing a candidate from the pulpit. Read more details here. After you read the background, let me know what you think about:
  • Is there a situation where this would be a Biblically appropriate action? If so, where/when?
  • Is there a ...
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A prayer life "tune up"

Endured a little "tune up" of my prayer life (with a side  serving of humor) courtesy of The Sacred Sandwich ....

Feel better now that you're "tuned up"?
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Probably not again

We ran the Komen Race for the Cure a couple of weeks ago and I just got around to loading the pictures. It was a special occasion because it was 10 years ago next week that Catherine was diagnosed. After a year with over a dozen operations she was "clear" and to celebrate we ran our first Race for the Cure.

So why do I say, "Probably not again?" Because of Komen's support of Planned Parenthood. I didn't find out ...
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A slow death

The Bill of Rights begins with a very important right - the right to free speech.  It seems that right is under attack from, among other things, "creeping Sharia" law .   I can't believe this happened in the US. I watched the video here  and it makes me shudder.   The actions of the police in ... << MORE >>

A strange firing

I have mentioned Julia Duin on this blog several times. She did a terrific job as an objective reporter for the religion section of the Washington Times. About two weeks ago I noticed the Times web page had undergone a redesign and I could no longer find the clickable button I used to navigate to the religion page so I could catch up on her writing. She always covered stories that were ... << MORE >>

One for my music list

I'm going to add Andrea Bocelli  to my "music list".  It makes me wonder what else we may have lost because of abortions. We've surely lost millions of dollars according to a recent GAO report . ... << MORE >>

They can't get through the tin foil & other stuff

This is one of those "potpourri" kind of posts that often come at the end of the week.I have several items that are unrelated, but they're "time sensitive" enough that they beg to posted together.

Re: The tin foil reference. If you are concerned about privacy issues you may have been accused of "wearing a tin foil hat", a reference to those who think extra-terrestrials are trying to get to people's brains using rays that (how stupid are those space aliens that ...
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